Use the following information to choose from a, b or c about Mary's brother.

Mary is a teacher who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is 32 years old, has blonde hair and has a brother called David. David is 34 years old and is also a teacher. David lives in Scotland in a small apartment. His birthday is in August. He's married to Jane, who is 31 and is an actress. They have a red BMW.

1 David.

a) What is she brother's name?

b) What is the brother's name?

c) What is her brother's name?

2 34.

a) How old is David?

b) How many years has David?

c) How many years does David have?

3 He is a teacher like his sister.

a) What is the work of David?

b) What is David's work?

c) What is David's job?

4 In Scotland?

a) Where does live David?

b) Where lives David?

c) Where does David live?

5 No, he doesn't. He lives in an apartment?

a) David lives in a house?

b) Does David live in a house?

c) David does live in a house?

6. In August. So he's a Leo.

a) When is his birthday?

b) When is he born?

c) When his birthday is?

7 Yes, he is. To Jane, who is 31 years old.

a) He is married?

b) Is he married?

c) Does he married?

8 She is an actress.

a) What is Jane job?

b) What do Jane do?

c) What does Jane do?

9 Yes, they do. A BMW.

a) Have they a car?

b) Do they has a car?

c) Do they have a car?

10 It's red.

a) What colour is the car?

b) What is the colour car?

c) What colour the car is?




Put a question tag at the end of each sentence.

1 You don't like this music,_?

2 Robert isn't at work today,_?

3 I'm too late,_?

4 You haven't seen the newspaper,_?

5 Lynne speaks French and German,_?

6 They didn't go to the concert,_?

7 You'd like to have something to eat,_?

8 We're leaving tomorrow,_?

9 You couldn't do me a favour,_.?

10 You don't know where Sarah is,_.?

11 Nobody was watching the TV,_?

12 Everyone will be here soon,_?

13 Nothing terrible has happened,_?

14 There's plenty of time,_?

15 It's a good restaurant,_?

16 You haven't seen my keys,_?

17 They want to come,_?

18 Elizabeth is a dentist,_?

19 They won't be here,_?

20 There aren't any problems,_?

21 He's learned a lot in the last couple of years,_1

22 Joan can't come with us,_?

23 She'll help us later,_?

24 Those aren't Fred's books,_?